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Big Data, Bigger Solutions: The Role of Interactive Video Walls

In today's data-driven world, interactive video walls play a critical role in unlocking the power of big data. They provide a powerful platform for visualizing, interacting with, and extracting actionable insights from complex datasets. As big data investments continue to rise, so too will the demand for these innovative display solutions, shaping the future of data-driven decision making for businesses across all industries. 

Gamification brings Dell’s interactive touchscreen showcase to life at MWC Barcelona 2023

Stereoscape’s recent collaboration with Dell and MultiTaction attracted clients and new leads around a gamified interactive table at Mobile World Congress Barcelona. Stereoscape pushed the creative possibilities of the giant touchscreen to its maximum impact by utilising the Unity game engine. Stereoscape’s Creative Strategist Janne Itäpiiri reports.

Big Data Investmenmts Drive Demand For Interactive Video Walls

Big Data is on everyone’s lips as both the challenge and opportunity of the day with a promise that increased information could allow us to yield valuable insights and make better decisions. According to Syncsort, initiatives involving the processing of massive data volumes for great insights are not going away.

MultiTaction Inc. Completes Acquisition Of All MultiTaction Brand Products, Assets, And Intellectual Property

Elk Grove, IL— July 18, 2022 — MultiTaction Inc. is excited to announce that it has completed the acquisition of all MultiTaction brand products, assets, and intellectual property and that it will now be the new home to all MultiTaction solutions and engineering.

Multitaction Americas Inc. Announces Strategic Steps To Reorganize Its Business For Future Growth

Elk Grove, IL— May 23, 2022 — Today, MultiTaction Americas Inc. announced strategic steps to reorganize. These steps will enable the company to create a new, durable business model and capture growth in a fast-changing marketplace.

From A Decade Of Engineering And Design Emerges Multitaction’s Decca Interactive Display

MultiTaction is pleased to unveil our new 55” interactive display, Decca (MT557D). For over a decade MultiTaction has developed solutions that revolutionize spaces and bring interactivity and collaboration to teams worldwide

Canvus 3.0 redefines touch interactive visual collaboration for today’s needs

They say that touch may be the simplest and most powerful form of human expression. So why should technology get in the way of that? When we first designed Canvus, our goal was to put the full potential of the human imagination right at your fingertips

How will higher education survive COVID-19? New ways tech is helping retain students

Over the last few months, students had to decide whether to go back to colleges transformed by COVID-19, or take a semester off and hope things get back to normal by spring. Despite the monumental efforts by universities to address concerns

Beyond the whiteboard: KPMG dazzles clients with 10-ft touchscreen video wall

KPMG’s Collaboration Centre enables organizations to generate ideas quickly, and create solutions leveraging their innovative U-Collaborate capability. But during typical U-Collaborate events, the “Knowledge Wall” had previously been floor-to-ceiling

Cutting Through the Zoom Gloom

There is no escaping video calls these days. According to CNBC, Zoom (the popular video conferencing service) saw its daily user rate go from 10 million users in December 2019 to a staggering 200 million users by March 2020

Fluid Sound

MultiTaction has had the pleasure of working with our AV partner Fluid Sound in San Diego, California on several projects in the region. Most recently Fluid Sound and MultiTaction teamed up to work with the University of California’s San Diego School of Medicine

M1 Interactive

M1 Interactive describes themselves as “a collective of designers, programmers, thinkers, and makers with a passion for engaging digital storytelling…” – We could not sum up their expertise more concisely ourselves.

Bundle Showcase With Canvus For Greater Engagement

Pair Decca with MultiTaction’s software solutions