Canvus Connect

Global Collaboration With Convus Connect

Canvus-Connect extends the cababilities of our MT Canvus software to geographically dispersed employees, partners or customers allowing them to collaborate as naturally as they would using MT Canvus in the same room.


All organisations face a series of challenges that can be greatly improved through visual collaboration. The obvious one is bringing together people from remote locations to participate together in a way that saves them having to be physically in the same place.

Although there have been many attempts to achieve this over the years with video conferencing and shared document services it has always fallen short of being a truly unified communication experience.

Now there is a platform that can deliver on this promise with MT Canvus-Connect. This will change the way organisations work going forwards.

Canvus Connect

Big data is on the agenda of every corporate CIO as they try to work out how to generate value for the business from this huge investment that has been made in managing the speeds and feeds of information. However, the missing link for actionable insights comes from the inability to get the right people in front of the data at the right time. MT Canvus supports unlimited amounts of data to be displayed in real time. One of our clients, a large US based manufacturer was able to see its entire supply chain for the first time using this approach. They are rolling out this system to their global production centers and will link them using Canvus-Connect.

Not every location can house a large video wall so MT Canvus has been developed to run across a wide variety of devices from simple Laptops, to meeting room systems like Microsoft Surface Hub™ or CISCO Spark™ all the way up to the largest interactive display surface possible.

All of these devices can collaborate together in one room if required but with MT Canvus-Connect they can now be in different parts of the world. Imagine being able to actually work on images and data in real time globally.

Our solutions are in use globally across many industries from customer briefing centers in vendor companies to war
rooms in competitive organisations and control rooms in public service authorities. They all share the same need to get detailed information in various forms onto a single platform where key people in the organisation can engage, demonstrate or make decisions. One of the largest retailers in the world uses MT-Canvus in their operations room to make key decisions about the business going forward.

  • Directly Access any Menu, Asset, and Showcase App

  • Launch full screens of single or multiple assets

  • Access Personal Buckets for emailing content or sending to other URL for dynamic site creation

  • Use as an ID to allow users to directly access their own personalized content

Codice With Canvus

Canvus Collaboration software has countless uses for Codice built into the software. Here are just a few of the very useful things you can do with Codice in Canvus.

Bundle Canvus With Showcase For Greater Engagement

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