Transform Your Video Wall Into A Showcase

Unlock the power of immersive presentations with MultiTaction's Showcase software. Seamlessly blend interactive content and dynamic visuals to captivate your audience like never before.







MultiTaction’s Showcase presentation software delivers the ultimate interactive experience. With touch-and-go interactivity, people can walk up and start using the wall right away. Showcase makes building, exploring, and discovering content incredibly easy.

The Showcase editor is a powerful, flexible, and user-friendly tool to create the desired experience. With its intuitive design interface creating content can be done in-house, saving both time and money.

All organizations spend a significant amount of time creating a wide range of media assets to tell their brand’s story. Some materials are aimed at clients, some are aimed at employees to educate or guide, and some content is simply meant to entertain. Showcase provides a fully interactive and customizable stage, where your rich media assets can perform to engage and delights clients, staff or visitors alike.

Showcase's Key Features

Hardware Agnostic

Although there are many advantages to running MultiTaction software on MultiTaction hardware, our software is compatible with most touchscreen displays and video walls that meet the minimum technical requirements, including any Windows-compatible display.

Better Together

When you run Showcase on a MultiTaction display you gain access to unique features including unlimited points of touch and Codice.  Codice is based on MultiTaction’s proprietary Enriched Reality technology. 2D bar codes can be printed on a wide range of objects and can turn anonymous public displays into personal two-way tools that benefit the user and the content owner.

Browser-Based Editor

The Showcase editor is where the stage is set, providing a powerful and flexible tool to create the desired experience. You simply drag and drop your media content into the presentation structure that you have defined for your showcase.

Bespoke Themes

The ability to control the way object behave on the stage, as well as how they enter, provides significant control over the user experience.

Customizable Navigation

All aspects of the navigation control can be customized from the icons to the connections to the behavior of menus. Nodes can either launch sub menus, or a viewer for an object, such as an image or video.

Rich Media Support

Showcase provides support for various video formats and image formats as well as browser URLs and PDF files.

Pen Support

You can draw or write on MultiTaction hardware using our IR pen; third party pens are also supported. When running MultiTaction software on third party hardware, pen support must be available, for this feature to function.

Walk-Up Interactivity

No training necessary. If you can use a flip chart, you can use MultiTaction software. It’s that easy.

  • Directly Access any Menu, Asset, and Showcase App

  • Launch full screens of single or multiple assets

  • Access Personal Buckets for emailing content or sending to other URL for dynamic site creation

  • Use as an ID to allow users to directly access their own personalized content

Codice With Showcase

Showcase Presentation Software is made for Codice markers! There are countless of uses for Codice built into the software.  Here are just some of the very useful things you can do with Codice in Showcase:

Bundle Showcase With Canvus For Greater Engagement

Pair Decca with MultiTaction’s software solutions