From A Decade Of Engineering And Design Emerges Multitaction’s Decca Interactive Display

21 January 2021

MultiTaction is pleased to unveil our new 55” interactive display, Decca (MT557D). For over a decade MultiTaction has developed solutions that revolutionize spaces and bring interactivity and collaboration to teams worldwide. Decca represents the next generation of MultiTaction’s 3D optical display hardware, and incorporates our latest technological advances along with many refinements – making Decca truly a display to be celebrated.

Decca incorporates the next generation of MultiTaction’s revolutionary ClearSight touch technology (machine vision through screen) engineered for 24/7 commercial environments. This system utilizes an array of 32 embedded cameras which interpret input made by hands, pens and other objects that interact with the screen’s surface.

The technology is unique to MultiTaction interactive displays and gives design freedom to create interactive walls with features like curves and right-angles, which other video wall technologies cannot match. Furthermore, ClearSight touch technology is so responsive, it even rivals the best of today’s highest-end mobile devices.

Decca has 30% more internal processing power than previous models. Power consumption has been further optimized so that even with the added horsepower, Decca uses less electricity. Along with these advances, Decca has whisper-soft fans that keep the system cool and quiet.

Visually stunning graphics and impeccable color uniformity are further enhanced by Decca’s durable, satin smooth surface. Decca is also the first display from MultiTaction to feature an easy-to-clean, antimicrobial touch surface. Product is shipping now and available through traditional MultiTaction channels.

“Decca is the result of 10 years of design improvements bringing forward the most advanced interactive display in the market. Decca has been improved in almost every way and updated with an antimicrobial surface making it the only video wall display that meets today’s business challenges head-on,” said Ari Rahkonen, CEO, MultiTaction. “Decca is the flagship hardware for environments running MultiTaction’s Canvus Collaboration and Showcase presentation software packages but is equally at home driving custom interactive environments.”

Further, explore the new features and enhanced performance introduced with Decca in the Spec Sheet and Data Sheet. Discover for yourself why MultiTaction technology is considered the world’s most advanced interactive visualization solution with an in-person or virtual demo.