Canvus 3.0 redefines touch interactive visual collaboration for today’s needs

21 January 2021

They say that touch may be the simplest and most powerful form of human expression. So why should technology get in the way of that? When we first designed Canvus, our goal was to put the full potential of the human imagination right at your fingertips while keeping the interface so simple that even a first-time user could have an inspiring collaboration experience.  Now with Canvus 3.0, we’re excited to be putting even more power into the hands of users while further simplifying interaction.

This major update to Canvus introduces key functionality to enable the often spontaneous nature of collaboration. Now it’s easier than ever to invite hands-on interaction from participants across the hall or across the world and share insights from those meetings across your organization.

During a collaboration session users can now easily email an invite to meeting participants elsewhere in the building, working from home, in a client’s office, or anywhere from any laptop, tablet, or video wall with Canvus installed. With just a touch you can send a link out for others to instantly join your session with remote touch interaction just as if they were in the same room. 

Different teams within an organization want to use a video wall for different purposes but their saved content may not always be intended for other teams to view or modify. While any user can still walk up to a video wall and start a Canvus session, Canvus 3.0 gives you control of who can access your individual canvases. 

Managing access and editing rights for different groups of users across the entire organization is now possible from a single dashboard. In addition, users can authenticate to Canvus 3.0 with SAML through an identity provider (IDp) of your choice so nobody needs to remember a new username or password. To skip entering credentials with a keyboard, Canvus 3.0 also allows authentication using a mobile device by scanning a QR code on the screen.

With updates to nearly every facet of of the platform, there are far more enhancements to explore in Canvus 3.0 than could be described here! Download the full overview of Canvus 3.0 and access the new software update as well as detailed documentation on the full list of improvements at