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MultiTaction’s industry-leading interactive displays and innovative collaboration software suite are deployed in over 50 countries and used by some of the world’s largest corporations, museums, educational institutions, and entertainment companies. Explore where our solutions are being used today.



Institutions, from elementary thru higher education, are looking to create a powerful impression, augment student experiences and nurture a collaborative learning environment.

MultiTaction provides interactive displays that can be scaled to any size and configuration, including the ability to handle curves and right angles, while responding to unlimited touches by fingers, infrared pens and 2D barcodes with real-time response. When paired with MultiTaction software solutions the application opportunities for education are endless.

Share Ideas, Increase Engagement, And Embrace Active Learning.

Tap Into The Power Of Big Data With MultiTaction


MultiTaction solutions take big data from the analysts in the back room to business leaders in executive boardrooms.

According to Forrester, enterprises that are focused on leveraging data analytics for business insights are twice as likely to be market leaders within their industries. These organizations understand that in order to realize the promise of Big Data, you must be able to touch the data, interact with it, and add value through ideation and collaboration. 


Over the last few years, the trend to open office spaces has made Executive Briefing Centers more popular than ever before. First generation Executive Briefing Centers were used primarily for delivering presentations. The latest EBCs are being used by leading brands to create 360 degree environments that immerse attendees in an experience. Interactive technology is a fundamental element of a branded environment, and is a top consideration when designing these flexible spaces.

Get Your Visitors Out Of Their Seats And Up At The Wall

Incorporate Dynamic And Immersive Applications


Museums have long been pioneers of advanced audience engagement techniques but more recently there has been increasing value placed on creating a more immersive and interactive experience than that supplied through mere observation.

Museums are also experiencing a change in their demographic with the growth of international cultural tourism, aging populations, and millennials coming of age.


Unstructured data is anything that is in written form, natural language, or images, videos and those kinds of things.

If you look at unstructured data, historically they haven’t been used to manage player performance or used to support the decision-making of the team. The majority of the analysis has traditionally been focused on structured data, purely numbers that can be modeled and graphed and be compared against each other.

Professional Sports Teams Are Experiencing A Data Revolution

Connect The Physical World With The Digital One


Imagine having the presentation content you need instantly appear with just the flash of your business card. With MultiTaction’s proprietary Enriched Reality technology, Codice, accessing content from multiple sources and in a variety of formats is fast, easy, and captivating!

Objects of all kinds can be easily labeled and then placed on the table for unique interaction. Spinning, moving and exploring with the items just adds to the fun and increased engagement with the content.

Bundle Showcase With Canvus For Greater Engagement

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