The Unlimited Potential Of Human Imagination Right At Your Fingertips

Inspire your team with the ability for everyone to touch and interact with documents, videos, images, websites, and software applications with unlimited fingers, pens, or objects.





MultiTaction’s Canvus puts unlimited potential right at your fingertips for visual collaboration and dynamic multimedia presentations. Go beyond the whiteboard and inspire your team with the ability for everyone to touch and interact with documents, videos, images, websites, and software applications with unlimited fingers, pens, or objects.

Canvus for visual collaboration and dynamic multimedia presentations goes beyond the whiteboard. Give remote participants the ability to share, manipulate, draw, and input information with unlimited touch, pens, or objects in real-time just as if they were in the same room with Canvus Connect.

Workspaces Of Tomorrow

Canvus advanced visualization software is changing the way the world works.

All organizations face a series of challenges that can be greatly improved through visual collaboration. The obvious one is bringing an increasingly remote workforce together in a way that saves them having to be physically in the same space.

Over the years, there have been many attempts at achieving team collaboration, from video conferencing to shared document services. But, these platforms have always fallen short of realizing a truly unified collaboration experience.

Now, with Canvus, there is a collaboration platform that can deliver on the promise of anywhere, anytime, any device collaboration.

Canvus' Key Features

BYOD Support

Screen casting and remote touch capabilities mean that laptops, tablets and other smart devices can easily share and control content.


Canvus provides a giant workspace that is easily scalable, which allows for very large amounts of data to be displayed simultaneously. This includes: images, videos, live feeds, browser sessions, remote PC connections or smart device inputs.

Remote Touch Collaboration

Canvus Connect makes it possible for global teams to share and manipulate data with near-zero latency. Remote users can view, share, manipulate, draw and input data from their individual device. Whether your team members are in the same room, down the hall, in their home office, or around the world, imagine being able to work on video and data in real time.

Split Workspaces

Each canvas can be split into many workspaces, essentially creating a repeat of the first canvas, allowing people to work independently on the Canvus
. This is particularly powerful if you want to create a flexible space for collaboration, such as using separate displays for breakout sessions.

Rapid Ideation

The quick note function allows users to create a colored note that can either be filled with text from the virtual keyboard, hand writing from an IR pen, or drag & drop any other content from the canvas. All of these can be combined to enrich an idea captured in the note. Perfect for brain storming sessions.

Videoconferencing Cababilities

Engage agile team members with videoconferencing. Canvus can be integrated with any videoconferencing platform such as Zoom, BlueJeans, MS Teams and Webex.

Open Apps With RDP

Canvus has a built in RDP client, which can be used to connect to an RDP server. The smooth RDP integration allows you to run and update applications like MS Office, AutoCAD, Photoshop Paint, etc. as if they are running in Canvus.


Adding API to Canvus creates exciting new possibilities to integrate with other software platforms, such as videoconferencing applications, data applications and many more. This allows for more advanced development or customization of our software.

  • Directly Access any Menu, Asset, and Showcase App

  • Launch full screens of single or multiple assets

  • Access Personal Buckets for emailing content or sending to other URL for dynamic site creation

  • Use as an ID to allow users to directly access their own personalized content

Codice With Canvus

Canvus Collaboration software has countless uses for Codice built into the software. Here are just a few of the very useful things you can do with Codice in Canvus.

Bundle Canvus With Showcase For Greater Engagement

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