From A Decade Of Engineering And Design Emerges The Decca Interactive Display

Decca eclipses the competition and delivers the foundation on which immersive, interactive video walls are built.


MultiTaction designs and builds the most responsive touch technology in the industry. Decca incorporates the next generation of MultiTaction’s revolutionary ClearSight touch technology, allowing unlimited simultaneous touches from fingers, hands, pens, and Codice 2D markers. MultiTaction’s unique touch technology enables interactive video walls to be scaled to any size and configuration. This allows for a unique table, curved wall, and right-angle applications that are impossible with other touch technologies.

Decca (MT 557D) represents the next generation of MultiTaction display hardware, and as such incorporates our latest technological advances along with many refinements – making Decca truly a display to be celebrated.

Notable refinements to Decca include:

  • Next generation ClearSight touch technology

  • Enhanced satin smooth touch surface ​

  • Internal processing power increased 30%

Learn more about how ClearSight touch surpasses other touch technology used in video walls.

MultiTaction has developed solutions that revolutionize spaces and bring interactivity and collaboration to teams worldwide.

Decca's Key Features


ClearSight touch provides the fastest, most responsive and reliable touch tracking system of any video wall display on the market. Users experience the same instantaneous control they expect on their personal touch displays on a much larger scale.


With edge-bonded cover glass, an extended aluminum frame and the ability to run 24/7 the build quality is second to none. Whether you need a video wall to handle a round-the-clock control room or a high-traffic public lobby, MultiTaction commercial-grade displays are built to handle it.


Truly unlimited, simultaneous touch points using fingers, pens, Codice markers and even most gloved hands. This means every user will experience the same engaging touch experience regardless of how many people are working together.


The powerful exhaust system uses forced air, which utilizes low noise variable speed internal fans. Background noise can be distracting in many environments, Decca’s whisper-soft fans keep the system cool without the hum you often hear with other systems.


The unique touch technology of Decca allows for an infinite range of shapes and sizes that can include curves, right angles, and table configurations. Unleash your creativity and design an interactive wall without the limitations you get from other displays.


Engineered with pinpoint accuracy, which means no periodic re-calibration is needed, install and go. Enabling the largest video walls in the industry to operate without need to ongoing adjustments makes life a lot easier.


Decca’s satin smooth touch surface makes interacting fun and effortless. Decca is also the first display from MultiTaction to feature an easy-to-clean, antimicrobial touch surface.

Transform A Decca Video Wall Into A Complete Collaboration And Visualization Solution

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