Beyond the whiteboard: KPMG dazzles clients with 10-ft touchscreen video wall

21 October 2020


KPMG’s Collaboration Centre enables organizations to generate ideas quickly, and create solutions leveraging their innovative U-Collaborate capability. But during typical U-Collaborate events, the “Knowledge Wall” had previously been floor-to-ceiling whiteboards used to display client or topic specific materials, created and drawn by graphic artists. 

To increase engagement and interaction with the Knowledge Wall, the Collaboration Centre wanted to modernize it with a more digital solution incorporating rich media.

“We wanted to transform the Knowledge Wall into a digital, interactive screen, so our clients are able to access and interact with key files, videos, images, web links and other information,” said Paul Guy, Sr. Collaboration Technologist for KPMG.

Now the space includes a 5 X 1 MultiTaction multi-touch, interactive video wall, mounted in an ultra-sleek Urben frame. MultiTaction software also makes it super easy for the Collaboration Centre team to change the content on the video wall in a dynamic way and without waiting for help from IT or developers.

“We can change the content much faster and
easier than we could with our old analog methods,
and that has worked quite well for our people.”

Download the Case Study to learn how the MultiTaction video wall and advanced visualization software suite brought the Knowledge Wall to life with the ultimate interactive experience.